My New Story! (2 Weeks Left)

Hey everyone!
I’ve had a bit of practice making Episodes, but this is my first published story and I’d really appreciate if you could read it and give me some feedback!
It’s called 2 Weeks Left (By Cherry S.)

After graduating College, the next year of your life goes by in a blur. Partying, drinking, and having fun. Thanks to the worries of your mother, you visit a psychic and learn you only have 2 weeks left to live. After juggling all the pain and sadness, and not to mention your love life, it’s up to you to figure it all out. But in the end, you can’t possibly prevent the inevitable. Right?

Your choices also affect a lot of the story and will also affect who you end up dating.
It also contains CC+Limelight.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!
(Also, a cover is coming very soon!)


I’d love to do a R4R and check your story out.

Here is my story info!

Title: H & V: Team Velocity
Author: Tahirah G.
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Genre: Action/Comedy/Fantasy/Sci-fi
Summary: Ironically all of her life Justine Powers was POWERLESS until she discovers dynamic abilities that she never knew she had. Can Team Velocity count on her now to help save mankind?
Story Link:

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

@wishend I like the description of your story. I can imagine that your story will be one of the amazing stories in Episode!

I will read it :blush:

I’m up for a r4r and I provide screenshots.
Title:The Heart Won’t Let Up
Episodes:6 (ongoing)
Description:Heavenly has been let down her whole life and although she would love to give and receive love, her heart just won’t let up. Will Ace change that or will it all crumble before them?


I’ll check it out!

Yeah count me in! Here’s my love story!
Try it. It’s not cliche romance. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::upside_down_face:
U can DM me on instagram adilla_episode

Title: Coffee or Me
“It’s hard to pretend like you are never in love while you both care so much for each other. When you waited too long, then someone else come along, will you just give in to fate?”


Hello everyone this is my first time writing a story and my laptop wasn’t working so the first couple of episodes were done on my phone but the story is great and I will be continuing it on my laptop… please continue to read it and I will read yours in return thank you

Cool, I love the cover!

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Thanks! :upside_down_face:

Sounds awesome!
I’ll be sure to check it out!
(P.S. Your covers are amazing!)

Hey guys…!!I’m sharing my story link here…Please read it and comment about it… You’ll like this one maybe…And also I’m up for read for read…:kissing_heart:
And when you complete reading my story please send me screenshot, then I’m gonna start yours reading and also send you screenshot’s…:blush::blush:
Thank you.

Title: Mistaken Connection
Author: Priyanka
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance
Instagram: @priyanka.episode
Description: We all done so many wrong things in our life…But what happend when a best thing done by you unknowingly after a big mistake? Would you keep it or just leave it?:wink: Customize Characters

Going in order of stories. I’ll give you all feedback! :smiley:

Your story was amazing! I loved the light hearted humor but also the intense scenes. If you want, I can send you screenshots of my favorite scenes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I’d like to read your story and hope you’ll read mine as well😊
Genre romance
Style ink
Description Already struggling with her past, Rose falls into some more drama romance, mystery, what adventure and heartbreak will she face next?
Message me anytime on my Instagram @Fongjoline
If you don’t have Instagram then screenshot to me here when you finished :+1:

Sure, it may take a while because I really need to get finished with every story but your story sounds great!

Do you have Instagram? If not just just screenshot and post it here☺️do let me know when you will read my story ok?

My instagram is @cherry.episode and of course I will let you know when I read your story! :grinning:

Your story was great! I liked how it explained her childhood and didn’t jump right into the story. I also liked how it explained Heavenly and Ace’s thoughts throughout the story,

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