My new story FIRE MET GASOLINE is needing a cover artist


Hey guys that’s my first story and It will be a hit but I need a cover artist

so if anyone is interested please send me a sample of your work
And the communication will be on forums till later


I can


can you show me a sample of your art, please?!







@EpisodeStudio members


thats great okay thats what i needed so i need a main cover that includes the two main characters

and this story is action and romance too so are you willing to do it




send the details


give me a sec


for the girl,
her hair is beach wave chestnut ( on the cover I need parts of her hair flying )
eyes “green” upturned bold
nose elven
face soft heart
eyebrow mature round

for the man

hair modern pompadour black {i need a strand of it to be out of its place
eyes stoic almond color white {not a weirdo or something i just want it to be bright
nose button or small
face chiseled square
skin taupe
mouth uneven taupe

for the girl’s skin, I need it to have that honey beauty if you know what i mean


for the clothes you can pick them on your own based on the characters

she is a dangerous strong woman and kinda criminal and extremely hot
and he is a gang leader dangerous strong too and mysterious and very handsome




so when would it be done ?!




oh wow !! great …thanks


can i use them in my story


the characters?!




i know this may sound weird but i would really appreciate if you dont cause its kinda special story