My new story has only a few reads but Gem choices are 15 instead of 2

I don’t know if this is the right place to seek advice for this problem, but IDK where else to find help. This is on behalf of my readers who can’t afford 15 diamonds for my Gem choices, and they shouldn’t have to at this point. My new story has only 500 some reads so far and according to what I’ve read about user story Gem choices, it should cost them only 2 until the story reaches 10k, and 5 up to 100k reads. I know of at least two readers who have to cough up 15 gems for a choice, and it seems like a bug. Is there anything that can be done to remedy the situation? Thank you :slight_smile:


While I’m not certain, I do believe we as writers will always see them as 15 gems in our own stories, but the reader sees them differently. :blush:

Ohhhh I just re-read and saw that actual readers are seeing 15 gems in your stories!(?) if that’s the case, I would probably send in a ticket. I have yet to have anyone tell me that the gems in my new stories cost that much! :flushed:

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Two people reported that they have to pay 15 gems! :sob: I sent a message to the zen desk asking what to do, but IDK if they can actually help me.

I’ve had a few readers tell me this also (and I don’t believe gems in user stories are supposed to be priced at more than 10 gems). There was an android update not that long ago and since then, more people have been seeing gem choices and priced at 15. I haven’t sent in a ticket myself, but I haven’t seen anyone get a gem choice priced at what it should be.


It’s not a bug unfortunately.
I see all gem choices cost 15 gems as well.
If you read the official post about community gem choices (here), you’ll see that there are “supposedly” 2,5% of users who don’t see the community gem choices as they are meant to be.
For these readers, it means that the first gem choice encountered in any stories will not be free (when it should be) and that instead of seeing normal gem prices (which no matter the number of reads a story has should not be more than 10 gems), they will see all of them cost 15 gems.


Ohhhhh… wow, this sucks. Thn it seems I can’t do anything about this. Oh no… :flushed:

How can we even fix this? Damn… I wish there was something I could do in my coding to exclude those readers from encountering gem choices at all. I do want to keep them for the 2 gems because I really need those counts to get into that payment program with all the hours and hours i’m spending on delivering quality work, but I don’t want any of my readers have to spend 15 diamonds if they can’t afford it. I know they would definitely spend the 2. I feel just like sh*t now that they can’t get the extra scenes etc. Sigh… I’ll probably will have to stop making gem scenes and only add “please support me” choices etc. This sucks too, though. It’s fun to go like really extra extra for those who are willing to spend some gems. :disappointed:

EDIT: And I know that people like my gem choices because they truly deliver. I’ve only got less than 800 reads now, but almost 200 gem choices picked. That’s a fourth of it! Not bad at all. (And yeah, actually a lot more than that because a bunch of my readers are lucky and don’t see any gem choices at all, so those don’t even count lol)


I don’t think there’s a way to fix it :pensive:
I’ve seen some authors ask in the beginning of their stories if readers can see the gem choices or not… Maybe if they say yes, there are an extra few branches for them to still be able to read/play like the ones who don’t? I really don’t know :thinking:.
But I understand how you feel. In my stories I only have a few gem choices and it’s only to be able to see bonus scenes because I really don’t like the support the author choice since it doesn’t give anything back to the readers. But now that I can see every single gems cost 15 gems, I’m wondering if I should just take them all out… I’m nowhere near the payment program anyway and my goal is not to keep readers from reading my stories…

I believe they all still count for you! Whether the reader can see them or not, everything is counted :blush:

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@amberose has a choice where readers choose if they can or can’t see gem choices (no is a gem choice lol), then she’s used gains so readers who can see gem choices won’t come across them in the story. Those reads don’t count as gem chapter reads though.
(If a reader can’t see gems but comes across a gem choice, it still counts.)

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Right, the chapter will count as gem chapter read :upside_down_face: Just the gem choice won’t count as gem choice. But that’s okay, I’m almost at the 300 required (only a million more reads to go lol)


LOL @ no is a gem choice … it’s clever, unless the reader is even cleverer and shells out those one time gems to get the rest free heheheh

I think the idea is that the people who can see gem choices then won’t see them at all in the story. So it’s branched in such a way that they get a free version.

I’m pretty sure it does, actually. But don’t quote me.

I hear ya, I also prefer to deliver great quality extra scenes for gem choices. For the support gem choice I actually flag them and added an outfit surprise in a later chapter, so it’s not gonna be for nothing. :hugs:

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Ah, gotcha… But then why even bother to put gem choices at all? If it’s just for reason to get “gem chapters read” counts they could simply add some silly choice that nobody would click anyway. Hehe

Lol I don’t know the reason but maybe to feel less like a sellout than adding “Support me!” choices :rofl:

PS: If the gem choice isn’t visible as gem choice it’ll show up as normal choice for those readers, and it won’t count as gem choice picked in the payment counter. I know that with 100% certainty because I tested it out with my daughter’s old iPad - she can’t see gem choices on that thing. :slight_smile:

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Hmm that’s interesting though because of the branching I mentioned above (despite blocking gem choices, that person still got a few thousand selected) and we were wondering if there was maybe some time delay or if first chapter gem choices selected didn’t count (as those are “supposed” to be free). Lol the mystery continues :rofl:

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Oh damn, I thought the gem choices were supposed to cost 15 gems. I guess I’m one of the “unlucky” ones :sweat_smile: Don’t feel bad though, this has nothing to do with something you’ve done.

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I went back to the original post about community gems and yes Liz confirms this. It will only count as a gem chapter read.

I used to think it would still count as a selected gem because even if a reader can’t see the gems, technically (s)he still selected a gem choice… But this means a community gem choice only counts if a reader can see it and then chose to select it :thinking:… I didn’t know that.

The idea of an extra outfit for people who clicked the support gem choice is a really good one!! But I’ve always wondered if a lot of readers actually do pick this gem choice?