My new story I'll see you soon



Hey everyone !
Could you please check out my new story?
I’d love some feedback from you (to improve the episodes)
I am new and still learning. I am trying my best.
The story is called I’ll see you soon
It’s about a girl called Delilah.
Please let me know what you think (if you can of course)

Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

Can I ask for a few reviews?

I’d be more than happy to give you feedback. I will let you know soon.


Thank you :heart:


Could I get a review from more people please? Its very important for me


Hi! You could see my previous review and if you like it I can read and make another one for your story too :blush:


So what do you think? :sweat_smile:


I love the way you went into details to help to improve the story. Could you please review mine? Just dont mind spellings and grammar as english isnt my first language. Thank you so much


Hiya :slight_smile:
Can I please ask you guys to read the first chapter of my story and give me a review? I’ve only 3 chapters done and I want to improve them before I continue to write. It is very important to me. Thank you so much!
Its called : I’ll see you soon
By: Magdalene


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Hey, so I read all three chapters.

Chapter one is fine until the end and then going into chapter two I was really confused. The story starts with her stating she’s getting married. Then it flashes back to highschool, Liam is now her boyfriend who she breaks up with and then she meets Josh. After being totally confused about who she’s with I realised the flashback never ended. The basic story is good but I think somehow it’s needs to be made clearer about what time we’re viewing and who she’s actually with as this seems to be the main storyline.

I noticed an odd spelling and punctuation mistake and she walks onto the bed too. (Maybe it would be better to sit her and then lay her down on the bed).

I hope this helps.


When Delilah talks to Lena and meets Josh in cafe - that is present
The story will be 90% about their past, so i wanted to show what happened from the start since they were like 17. In future i will go back to ‘present’ to explain why Josh left Delilah if that makes sense?


Sorry about grammar, english isn’t my girst language