MY NEW STORY (Limelight)

I just published a story.
Please read It and tell my what you think.

  • Name : JACKPOT
  • Genre : Mystery,Action,Romantic
  • Description : Your life changes when you inherit the number one casino from your gradpnfather.Will you save a casino or will you givi it to your brother. (CC) (Choice matters) Two endings.
    Episode 4 coming out very soom.

I think almost every person on this forum helped me with this story.Thank you for that.(At the end of epsode 2 you will see credits,find your name there.


IfI you like It shre it with others. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Has someone made you a cover already?

As you can see,yes :wink:
But thank you for help anyways I just couldn’t wait any longer to publish my story.

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Haha its cool. Tell me next time so I may cancel my request.

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