My new story Perfectly wrong



Heyy guys, i just started a new story it is called: perfectly wrong, and i would really appreciate it if you read it. I need some people to give me some feedback on the things that i can do better. And maybe you could give suggestions for some episodes for the characters.


What is it about? I’m sure I have some spare time to give it a read.


It is about an ordinary girl who has had a normal life but lives without her parents becuase they died, and later on meets a guy who is in a gang.


Hey there! <3 I’d love to read your story and also I’d love to know your opinion on mine! <3

You can send me screenshots on instagram: daniellecassidy.episode

Here’s my story details :slight_smile: <3

Story title: Hollywood Bliss
Author: Danielle Cassidy
Genre: Romance (also a comedy)
Style: INK
Episodes: 5 (ongoing, 6 comming out soon!)
Story description: Sandy’s life turns wild when she becomes MC in a musical and her co-star is the most popular bad boy in Hollywood.

Story Link:


I would love to read it.


Great! <3


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: