My new story plot

Does this story plot sound like something people would read?

Your the most popular girl at school. Everyone thinks you have the best life but little do they know you don’t. Your family is falling apart and your fighting depression. On top of that your an eating disorder. One day you meet a gut who finds everything out over time and helps you. He reminds you what it’s like to be happy.

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my opinion- some people may think it’s clichè, but honestly i really like it, and i’d read it! but make sure you portray her depression and eating disorders right. don’t glamorize, shame, romanticize, act like it’s relatable or quirky, or anything like that. illnesses can be tricky to portray in the right way, but if you do it correctly, i’d read it :))

oh and make her tough and not rely on him to be her savior all the time or whatever


i’d read it too, i think a lot of teenage girls suffer eating disorder because the wanna look like models and be liked by boys and that only can cause depression, so i think it’ll be a good story

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Yes girllll, throw cliché out that window, I would love to read that :cupid:

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I think it’s good! I hate people assuming your life is perfect just because you don’t act “sad or depressed” all the time. People have very different ways of coping. Only suggestion, don’t idolize the boy as her “prince charming,” as if she’s not capable of making it on her own. Personally I just think those storylines are a bit overplayed. But I really love stories like that, it brings a lot of awareness!! Good luck with it :blush:


Ok thanks, and I plan to do my research and I actually know people with these disorders.

Thanks :blush:

Thank you :purple_heart:

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Thank you :blush:

you’re most welcome

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I’ll read it

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Id read it it potrays a very real situation for a lot of young people going through eating disorders, depression and family problems. This could be very encouraging for young people to reach out if written well.

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