My new Story’s 😍, check them out please ❤️

Hey guys I hope you are all doing well :grin:. Like my Topic says I have new Story’s and really hope that you guys will read and like them :sparkling_heart:. There is a Risk or Reward Story down below so please share the Story in your Instagram Story and tag me :sparkling_heart:
My Instagram: @episode_.evi

My Mafia Boy his Princess :

Genre: Romance

Princess Allison has to marry a Prince but someone else catches her eye. Will she see the hot stranger again or will Allison go to the good looking Prince?

R&R: True or Dare:

Genre: Drama

The Game True or Dare becomes alive while Morgan is on a Party.Everyone is in danger who’s at the party. When you don’t answer/don’t the dare one human will die. Will all be safe?


i’ll read your r&r story to help you !

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Thank you very much :heart:

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can you tell me your ig so i can shout your story out? plus i spent 5 gems :wink:

if i were you, ill start doing r4r with others

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Thank you very much :heart: and my Insta is @episode_.evi

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