My new story: The Moons Waters

my new story is up and ready for feedback and new ideas. yes, I know it’s not that great but I’m working on it.

my story is called The Moons Waters its in fantasy. I just got it uploaded finally, there is in need of a lot of improving I do admit but the story about how the girl moved away because she needed to stop loving someone and when she comes back after a heartbreaking love she realizes she still loves him.but that’s not where her story begins you will later find out that she has a secret and the family has one of there own they decide to tell her and then a man from her past comes back

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Please keep read for reads in Promote Your Story. Share Feedback is for story feedback/reviews. :slight_smile:


Im really sorry she flagged you i changed were i put it

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It’s okay, I will dm ss


im reading your story right now

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