My new story: The Soulmate Program!

Hi everyone!

I’ve just published a story for the first time in over five years (so excuse me if I’m a bit rusty). I would be so happy if you took the time to read it! :smile:

Name: The Soulmate Program.
Author: That Girl (props to me for being creative with my username lol)
Genre: Romance.
Description: The soul mate program will determine who you will spend the rest of your life with - but what happens when you find yourself having to choose between two very different guys?
Episodes: 5.

So basically, the story takes place in this neighborhood called Aurora Hills, that’s filled with only rich and successful people. For generations, a woman called Mrs. Quinn has organized a project called “The Soulmate Program” that forces the citizens of Aurora Hills to meet and fall in love when they turn 18. The idea is to produce as many “pure” children as possible. Of course, new people have to move to Aurora Hills every now and then to prevent inbreeding, but these people - that most people call “newcomers” are seen as dirty and lesser than everyone else. The main character is a girl from a fairly prominent family, especially because her mother is Mrs. Quinn’s assistant. This gives her rare insight into what happens behind the scenes of this project and also puts a lot of pressure on her to find the “right” husband. Because if you don’t find your soulmate at the end of your stay at The Soulmate Program, you’re banished from Aurora Hills forever.

I’d say it’s the perfect read for anyone who likes cheesy love stories with a twist. :wink:

This is the link to it:

cover! (1)

I hope you decide to give it a read! :blob_hearts::blob_hearts:

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