My old dyslexic spelling

So I am a dyslexic, I have been trained and become very good at writing and reading. but just today I feel over my old topmodel books. and looked at the names I gave outfits and I thought just for fun I wanted to share what I wrote vs what it is

Faves : Fairys
Pransec : princess
Roke star: rock star
Tjierlitaer: cheerleader
Pulparti : pool party
Hawan: Hawaii
Hawade: Hawaii
Vampyger: vampire (for a note I am danish the y and I sound is reversed in our language)

dyslexia is difficult but with the correct help, it can be improved and you can learn to write and read. I had many more Danish words but don’t feel like trying to translate that mess.


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I’m dyslexic too and I put soo much work into typing the simplest things :sob:


I can’t relate at all, but if you heard me talk I can’t pronounce anything. Like if I said talk it would come out like tawlk or dog it comes out like dawg and my parents always tell me that I talk funny and then it just makes me screw up even more (in a nice way they aren’t being mean.) And I also have struggles typing but I am not dyslexic.

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