My Opinion Adrianne Roxi

If you don’t know famous author Adrianne Roxi, she’s basically the author of DJ: The Tension and several other stories. The problem is, she constantly deletes her stories after a few days. I hate this because she makes art and other episode related contests for her new stories and it’s very disappointing hearing that the story was cancelled.

Does anyone else hate this?

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But I never finished “DJ: The Tension”. You’re saying she deleted it?

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No, she kept DJ… but every other story she’s deleted.

What? Why?

She still has the Heat Inside doesn’t she? I swear I just saw it while scrolling aimlessly through the trending section. I don’t read her stories, so I don’t know anything about her other stuff.


She does have the heat inside, but she made a limelight version… then deleted it.

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I just searched her by author name and I see what you’re saying. Only three stories show on her profile and she has like…14 stories that come up? Haha. I’m sure she has her reasons.
I mean, it sucks when an author discontinues their stories or decides to put them on hold, but if they’re not feeling inspired it’s probably better that they don’t try to force it.

She wrote that story?!

The Heat Inside? Yeah lol. (Well I am 99.99% sure but if I’m wrong, someone please correct me lol)

I thought that was Noob Loop

Nope. The Heat Inside is still on the app. I checked. It’s definitely Andrianne Roxi. Are you thinking of Sore Loser?

Probably, yeah. Still not reading it either way lol