My overlay blush is not blushing anymore


Why is that, earlier it worked correctly.
I have also uploaded a background it is approved and when i use it episode says it does not exist.


Maybe you should upload the background again and then it might work.


But what is wrong with the blush…


To be honest I don’t really know but maybe you should try moving the background and maybe the overlay will work.


I tried even another overlay blush it doesn’t work either, I have tried it earlier in another background did not work too.


Sorry but I have no other options, but try this link and read the replies, it might help you: Want my Character to blush


I do it like that because i the 3 first episodes it worked, i change only the codes for direction and when i am in the writher portal you see that the overlay is pink but no it is not pink anymore and i tried with another and that one is not pink eather.