My overlay command doesnt work

It show the overlay but not in the right position and it doesn’t move

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@overlay BLUE FIRE SOUL shifts to -139 -131 in zone #

You have to mention the zones

Hey there’s a youtube channel Episode notes, it have a video all about overlays, It will help you surely. You could check.

i have checked it but it didnt work

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Then check JosephEvans channel

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How is your script now? I also believe it has to do with the zones cos even if you move it and then copy and past the code if you don’t mention the zone after, it’ll be standart to keep it in zone 1. Take another print of your script so I can help you :kissing_closed_eyes: . Don’t forget that you have to mention the zone in all the codings related to the overlay, not just the one who refers to the shifting.
Therefore you must have something like this so it can work properly:

@overlay BLUE FIRE SOUL opacity 1 in 0.5 in zone #
@overlay BLUE FIRE SOUL shifts to -139 -131 in zone #
@overlay BLUE FIRE SOUL scales to 1.280 1.288 in 1 in zone #

I’m just guessing but as it seems you may want it to be in zone 3.

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