My overlay is moving around


I want my overlay to appear on its coordinates but it keeps appear on the corner of the screen then it moves to the place to I want it to. Can someone help me?


What’s your script look like?


Did you use the correct zones?
For example, the overlay coordinates should look like this, if you are dealing with more than one zone:
@overlay TABLE CAFE shifts to -126 -51 in zone 3
@overlay TABLE CAFE scales to 1.342 1.342 in zone 3


It only has one zone


Hm. Well then, I would recommend letting us see your script, like @Rune.episode suggested. Just so that we can get a better look at your problem.



I would still add a zone number


It still appear on the corner of the screen instead of the spot where I would like to appear


You need a shift before the opacity, that will be the starting place.

@overlay SOUND shifts to _ _ in zone 1 in 0 Put the place you want it to appear first.
Then you can do the opacity and shifts.


You’re a lifesaver thank you so much


No problem :slight_smile: