My overlay is not appearing when I put on preview

Hey guys,
I need some help with my overlays.
I put the overlay in the scene but the thing is I can’t see it and I’ve tried using stuff people posted with similar issues but I still couldn’t find it.
I tried zooming out totally and moving the background to see if I could find it but I couldn’t and I also tried using the overlay tool on the directing helper and trying to move it around but it didn’t help… do you guys have any solutions? If you do I WOULD BE SO THANKFUL
Anna Woods💜

Hi! Can you post your code?

Are you previewing on the computer? Sometimes the computer has difficulty with overlay commands. Try previewing on your phone.

It’s been some time since last but I’ve had several custom overlays that worked perfectly in the computer preview but that’s disappeared in the app. They had a coordinates code but wasn’t visable. Not even after being approved. I even tried putting them up anew but sometimes not even that helped. I had to make a ticket to get it fixed, Thankfully it was. I hope you haven’t encountered this bug.

Before writing a ticket there’s some simple test you can make.

Start by checking if it has a coordinate code. But since you can move it around I suppose it has…?

Zoom out past the background, not only the scene. Sometimes an overlay may go astray. It’s original position seem to depend on what size and place you upload it in/at. What kind of overlay is it? Item, text or…?

What background are you using? Some backgrounds - like the black and white - are said not to work with overlays, but it’s only that for some reason the overlay coordinates for this backgrounds work differently.

Be sure to ry it both in the app and the preview, and take note to reset both.

If you still can’t find it, write a ticket and keep your fingers crossed that it gets fixed.


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No problem :joy:

My overlay is in zone 1 and i need to be in zone 2!
This is the first time ive used a overlay!
I need you to be super specific if thats ok!

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Read through this guide to learn how to use overlays: DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

How do i shift to x y?

Use the directing helper to move overlay. Check out Joseph Evans YouTube videos and look at @ Dara.Amarie profile for help threads and her website :+1:

I can’t see one of my overlays
Like I want to create a timer before the test starts for my MC
My other overlays are showing well but i just can’t see the overlay with 1 written on it