My overlay is not showing up help

I’m trying to put in an overlay and every time I play it, it doesn’t show up like it shows up on the screen (not where I want it though) real quick like a glitch but then when you move to the spot it’s originally supposed to be at, I don’t see it anywhere
Here;s the coding I put for it
@overlay PAPERCLIP create
@overlay PAPERCLIP opacity 1
@overlay PAPERCLIP to layer 1
@overlay PAPERCLIP shifts to -74 106 in zone 1
@overlay PAPERCLIP scales to 0.046 0.046

Try @overlay PAPERCLIP opacity 1 in 0

I tried that but it still didnt work thanks btw for the suggestion

Have you tried & instead of @?

Nevermind I figured it out FINALLY but thanks for trying to help

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