My overlay isint working

my overlay shows up in zone 2 for some reason and doesnt come up on the screen (the badgirl one)


Your opacity is currently set at =

@overlay OVERNAME opacity 0 in 0.7

It needs to be on =

@overlay OVERNAME opacity 1 in 0.7

To show (:

its cuz i need my overlay to fade out into opacity 0 :))

I’m not sure then but maybe @Dara.Amarie can help (:

oh thank u anyway but i fixed it now somehow hehe

Ok, good luck with your story (:

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thank u :)))

Your welcome (:

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you must have the create command ABOVE the other overlay commands

if you have it under it you are moving overlay which wasn’t yet created on scene therefore it will after the command create appear on its default place

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