My overlay isn't looping :/

hey everyone! so I used Joseph Evans’ car script template and @Dara.Amarie’s looping background script template and I tried to put them together and (luckily) I didn’t get any errors. But still, the overlay isn’t looping. can anyone help me please?

I’m really confused lol

um… seems to me you created overlay LOOP BG but instead of it you loop LOOP_OVERLAY which (if I am not blind) was never created.

you created LOOP_OVERLAY_2 but I don’t see anywhere LOOP_OVERLAY to be created…?

okay I fixed that, now it does loop. but you can see the background EXT. BLUE - DAY ://

lmfao somebody help please :grinning:

#You forgot to create the duplicate overlay LOOP BG_2 and make it visible


EXT. BLUE DAY with LOOP BG to 1.625 0 0 in zone 1 at layer -5 with CAR ANGLE BROWN to layer 4

&overlay LOOP BG_2 create from LOOP BG and overlay LOOP BG_2 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay LOOP BG_2 scales to 1.625 1.625 in 0 and overlay LOOP BG_2 shifts to 0 0 in zone 2 in 0 and overlay LOOP BG_2 to layer -6

#bla bla bla…

#Recommend you layer everything from overlays to characters in your scene.


&ASHLEY spot 0.911 190 60 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ASHLEY faces right AND ASHLEY is idle_book_open_neutral_loop

#Also your overlay needs to follow this:

“The coding I use to loop backgrounds uses 3-zone backgrounds only, and the overlay image size must be 1183 (width) x 700 (length) in order for the templates down below to work correctly.” - Dara

Another tip:

“Using your own 3-zone background: If you want to use your own 3-zone background to loop, make sure that the side ends of the image match each other so that the image can loop smoothly.” - Dara

omg right! thank you! it works now, can’t believe I forgot to put that in lol

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