My overlay isn't moving, but its code is changing

I placed my overlay in the script, when I was about to spot direct it, the previewer wouldn’t let me, the selection part was moving, but the overlay itself wasn’t, does anyone else have this issue and how do I resolve it?

If you have just created your overlay in the script then you have to put the shift numbers twice in the same row so @overlay shifts to 95 225 95 225

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Thank you, I’ll try that right now!

You need to set the opacity after you have placed it in your script
@overlay TV_PNG opacity 1 in 0

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It didn’t work, I’m still confused.

It does work, but there’s a duplicate that I can’t remove.

try to put the overlay when you placed the background what I mean by that is the shifts goes last and scale goes first


INT. BLACK - NIGHT with TV to 95 225 0.001

Okay, I’ll try that too,

I tried it, the overlay doesn’t appear in the preview screen.

Have you already added it to the background?

INT.background with OVERLAY NAME to (scale) (shift.) ?

Or are you doing the create?

INT background

@OVERLAY create
@OVERLAY shifts to (shift numbers twice) in zone (zone number.)
@OVERLAY scales to
@OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

I’m doing create.

For create try the format I’ve done above rember that the shift numbers needs to be added twice right after eachother

I know, I’ve tried that, and it isn’t appearing still.

Hmm :thinking: could you copy and paste the code you have tried please…

Wait I’ve just realised it’s the scale you have to put twice not the shift :joy:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to (insert scale twice.(
@Overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to (insert shift number.) in zone (zone number)
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

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Oh, I tried this one, it works now, thank you!

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