My overlay isn't moving!

hey! so i was writing a scene where the character gets a facetime call from their sister. the sister wants to show the character something down the hall, so i tried to pan the camera AND move the phone/selfie overlay so it still looks like she’s on facetime. however, it doesn’t seem to work. here’s my script…

    NATASHA (talk_confused_mindblown)
They put a picture of me up on the wall!

&NATASHA moves to layer -3
@overlay NATASHA PHOTO moves to layer -4
@overlay NATASHA PHOTO opacity 1
@overlay 4793124436180992_NATASHA PHOTO shifts to 180 262 in zone 2
@overlay 4793124436180992_NATASHA PHOTO scales to 0.874 0.874
&overlay SELFIE FEMALE 4 shifts to -0 1 in zone 2 in 1
&NATASHA walks to screen center in zone 2 in 1
@pan to zone 2 in 1
@zoom on 608 417 to 250% in 1
@pause for 1
@zoom reset

i hope someone can help! thank you for reading! xo

sorry, i meant moving the SELFIE FEMALE 4! i’m SUPER sorry that i din’t make that clear! sorry! xo

that’s okay! i appreciate the help and effort! i’m just gonna change the scene so it starts in zone 2 hehe :wink:
thanks again!! xoxo

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