My Overlay isn't showing up on anything

So like, it says that it’s there, but the image isn’t. Thinking that it could just be a small mistake on my laptop I went to my phone and it still wasn’t there! I don’t know what to do.
The picture is down below.

@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1

For the @overlay TAN - MALE to layer 3

That didn’t work

And for the @overlay TAN - MALe opacity

It didn’t work either

@overlay OVERLAY NAME moves to layer 3
wit I said overlay name because I couldn’t see you’re overlay name !
you need to type:

@overlay TAN - MALE opacity 1

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Okay let me try that, and i also noticed I never changed the name

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“moves to layer” or “to layer” they’re both correct.


o I never knew that ! thx

THE OPACITY WORKED! Thank you guys!

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