My overlay isn't showing up on the app

Hey guys can anyone tell me why my overlay doesn’t show up on the app

Can you show me your script? It could be a mistake that you made

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May be the fact that your overlay is scaled too big and it’s not on the screen. Try spot directing your overlay by scaling it to fit the screen also you might want to check that the opacity is 1

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thank you

check if you have set opacity to. 1

if you do not set the zone for the overlay it will be in zone 1 so check in which zone you are.

Go to preview click the show helpers, spot directing… change overlay… clikc this button till you will under the preview see the name of the overlay.

If you will see it the overlay is on scene somewhere.

If you will not see it you might have misspelled it whenyoucreated it… sorry but without seeing your script there is more posibilities why is this happening

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