My overlay isn't showing up?

So I just uploaded an overlay and I put it in my script to test it out but it’s not showing up when I play it on the app. Does anyone know why this is happening?
This is a small part of my script (the overlay is highlighted)
INT. FASHION BOUTIQUE OL - DAY with FASHION DESK to 1.457 -0 -2 at layer 2 in zone 3
@zoom reset
@FASHIONWORKER spot 0.502 282 307 AND FASHIONWORKER is tinker_loop_rear AND FASHIONWORKER faces right AND FASHIONWORKER2 spot 0.502 98 307 in zone 2 AND FASHIONWORKER2 is tinker_loop_rear AND FASHIONWORKER2 faces right AND FASHIONWORKER3 spot 0.490 251 336 in zone 2 AND FASHIONWORKER3 is tinker_loop_rear AND FASHIONWORKER3 faces left AND FASHIONWORKER4 spot 1.332 128 -174 in zone 2 AND FASHIONWORKER4 is talk_phone_angry_loop AND FASHIONWORKER4 faces left AND FASHIONWORKER5 stands screen center in zone 3 AND FASHIONWORKER5 faces right AND FASHIONWORKER6 stands screen center in zone 3 AND FASHIONWORKER6 faces left AND FASHIONWORKER6 moves to layer 1
@pan to zone 2

@pan to zone 3

Switch places:
Write in zone # first and then at layer #

I tried that already and still didn’t work.

I tried it on my computer and it worked with my overlay.

There is an overlay already in this backround, maybe your overlay is behind it?

I really don’t know what happened here but I put it to a different scale which still looked like a good placement for the overlay and somehow it fixed everything and it works now. I don’t know why it was acting up in the first place though :thinking:


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