My overlay isn't working

So I placed my overlay in the scene and it wasn’t in the correct position, so I used the ol helper and copied what it said but when I go to preview it the overlay moves back to the position it was in before I moved it. so I tried again (like 5 times now) and it does it every time. I used an iPad to preview it but it does the same thing. Anyone know what the problem could be?

I have a feeling I know what the issue is but I’d like to see your code just to be sure.

okay give a min to screenshot and send it

the background and ol are not episodes, they are ones that I’ve uploaded

Okay so since you’re adding the overlay in the bg anyways, the easiest thing to do would be to add all those variables into the bg too:

INT. ARI ROOM with BED END to 1.000 -202 0 in zone 2 at layer 2

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I just tried it and when I previewed it it went back to the other position again!
idk what’s going on but I’ll just try fix it tomorrow
thank you so much for helping me! xxx

It shouldn’t because once you add an overlay like that, it wouldn’t start off in any other spot, it would be in the spot that you applied in the beginning. I suggest you check the app previewer just to make sure.

Make sure that you remove the shifts and scales code since they are now added to the background name. So your script should just look like this:

INT. ARI ROOM with BED END to 1.000 -202 0 in zone 2 at layer 2
@cut to zone 2
[then the rest of the scene here]

Okay thank you ! xx

Tried it and it works, so thank you so much!