My overlay will not show up


INT. HARPERS ROOM - NIGHT with ARTPAINT to 0.802 119 116 in zone 3 with SELFY PAINTING to 0.208 1678 227 in zone 3

@overlay ARTPAINT opacity 0 in 0

@overlay ARTPAINT moves to layer -1

@overlay SELFY PAINTING opacity 0 in 0

@overlay SELFY PAINTING moves to layer 1

@transition fade in black 2

@TAYLER enters from left to screen left

@follow TAYLER to screen center in zone 3

    TAYLER (think)
(Well I'm wide awake know, guess I could paint for a bit.)
    TAYLER (idle_happy)
(Yes, that is what I will do.)

@TAYLER walks to spot 0.893 142 206 in 2 AND TAYLER moves to layer 2

@TAYLER is tinker_loop_rear

@overlay ARTPAINT opacity 1

@pause for 2

@transition iris out black in 2

@overlay SELFY PAINTING opacity 1

@transition iris in black 2

readerMessage 45 Miunets later

@TAYLER is rear

(I believe it is perfect)

@pause for 2

Would you like to see the painting up close?


“See Harper’s painting better”{


I believe I did pretty good on this one.
I'll add it to my art notebook and show the art teacher Friday in art class.
Better get ready for school. 

“I’m good I see all I want to see of it from behind her.”{

That's fine too.


I have no errors at all other the one that says the background is in review, but for some reason my second overlay will not show up. Can anyone help me with this please.


Maybe it’s Because there are four numbers in the second part of the spot? It says 1678, I think you mean 167?


Thank you, ill try that I probably hit an extra number without now lol


Np :kissing_heart::upside_down_face:


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