My overlay wont go away!

Even when the opacity is 0 and it is in a completely different place off screen, my overlay won’t go away. Any tips?

Maybe it’s a glitch :thinking: Or: are you using the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background? It causes issues with overlays…
Otherwise try:
@remove overlay OVERLAY

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@overlay NAME clear should make it go away.

If not, check that you’ve coded opacity correctly (@/&overlay NAME opacity 0) and try refreshing your portal and running the script again.

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Can you send your script?

@MENDEL spot 0.326 208 281 in zone 3 AND MENDEL faces left AND MENDEL is idle_exhausted AND COP5 is arms_crossed_angry AND MENDEL moves to layer 1 AND COP5 moves to layer 1 AND overlay MENDEYESCL opacity 0 AND overlay MENDSAD opacity 0 AND overlay MENDSADTCH opacity 0 AND overlay MENDSADTALK opacity 0 AND overlay MENDANG opacity 0 AND overlay MENDDOUB shifts to 547 5 in zone 3 AND overlay MENDLIGHTS opacity 0

Alright I’ll try it now

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Thanks I’ll try it

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