My overlay wont scale down?

Hii, so I have this scene where I made a concert flyer and I published it as an overlay. The problem is, when I try to scale it down so we can see it fully it doesn’t want to?? The overlay is huge i only see the background color of the flyer, i keep adding random numbers to try and scale it down but it isn’t doing anything, it’s huge! Here’s what I coded :sob:

set format cinematic

@overlay CHRISTIAN BAIL CONCERT AD shifts to 20 20
@overlay CHRISTIAN BAIL CONCERT AD scales to 1480.50 1480.50 (these are random numbers i put to try and scale it down, i used big & small numbers but it isnt doing anything)
@overlay CHRISTIAN BAIL CONCERT AD opacity 1

Did I do something wrong? I’m not the best at overlays so it might be the way I put the order… Thank you to anyone who tries to help<3

The portal has been acting weird for me lately so personally I’d maybe refresh or log in and out and see if that helps and if not then try to use the tools on the portal to size it down. Remember the overlay scales at 1.000 by default so if you’re making it 1400.00 or some huge number it’s going to make it bigger. I’d try something like 0.555 0.555 or something and see what that does!

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Alright, let me try! The problem is that when I try to use the tools on the portal, it lags bc of how big the overlay is :sob:

i did what you told me & it’s not working :sob: but thank you for helping me!!

UPDATE : IT WORKED!! I just had to wait a little, thank you so much!

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I’m glad it worked! Just a tip don’t try to scale and size the overlay in the beginning. Just put the create and opacity on there because it’s a lot easier to move in the creator tools from there, then you can copy and paste the rest in and it’ll work! :grin:

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Just for your info, this black background does not work well with the overlays. It will scale up the overlays and make it extremely huge. So you got to scale it down. But it’s best to use another background or upload your own black background.

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Thank you for the tip!!

Thank you for the tip<3

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