My overlay won't show up!?

Hi I’m writing my first story and my overlay’s won’t show up. I’ve been really good at overlays so far so I don’t really understand why it’s not working I added the opacity and everything. Can anyone please help?

Here’s the script :


@transition fade in white in 1
@zoom reset
@overlay WARNING create
@overlay WARNING shifts to 8412 126 in zone 1
@overlay WARNING scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay WARNING opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 100
@transition fade out white in 0.50
@overlay WARNING clear
@zoom reset
@zoom on 308 0 to 155% in 1
@overlay CHAPTER ONE create
@overlay 6673391702179840_CHAPTER ONE shifts to 43 71 in zone 1
@overlay 6673391702179840_CHAPTER ONE scales to 1.207 1.207
@overlay CHAPTER ONE opacity 1
@pause for 3
@transition fade out white in 0.50
@overlay CHAPTER ONE clear
@zoom reset
@cut to zone 2
@overlay CHAPTER ONE Q create
@overlay CHAPTER ONE Q shifts to 7082 -96 in zone 1
@overlay CHAPTER ONE Q scales to -1.000 -1.000
@overlay CHAPTER ONE Q opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 100
@transition fade out white in 0.50


@overlay WARNING opacity 1

Wow that worked thank you sm!!

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No problem :green_heart::sparkles:

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