My Overlays aren’t showing up! Help me

Basically, I’ve made myself Overlays for my story I’m about to publish but when I put
&overlay overlay name create
it doesn’t show up, even if I shift it to some where.
I’ve tried to use spot directing but I only see the square which surrounds the overlay (I think you’ll know what I mean?) Help please :slight_smile:
For your information I’m using The Plain Black Night Background so let me know if that has to do anything with why the overlays aren’t showing up :heart:

&overlay OVERLAY NAME create and overlay opacity 1 in 0 (you can change the opacity and the seconds)
Although it also depends on the background you use, I don’t recommend you use INT. BLACK - NIGHT or INT. BLACK - DAY since you won’t be able to encode your overlays well.

For changing the background, do you have any recommendations for a background which looks like an inside of a bag? ik it’s random but I’m trying to make my reader collect things from her bag so I want to be realistic, do you have anything which would help? And also Thank you for helping with the coding :relaxed:

You can send me a message of the type of example you want and I will help you find them if you like.(:

Thank you so much ! I’ll try messaging you.

Are you still facing the problem?