My Overlays aren’t showing up! Help me

Basically, I’ve made myself Overlays for my story I’m about to publish but when I put
&overlay overlay name create
it doesn’t show up, even if I shift it to some where.
I’ve tried to use spot directing but I only see the square which surrounds the overlay (I think you’ll know what I mean?) Help please :slight_smile:
For your information I’m using The Plain Black Night Background so let me know if that has to do anything with why the overlays aren’t showing up :heart:

&overlay OVERLAY NAME create and overlay opacity 1 in 0 (you can change the opacity and the seconds)
Although it also depends on the background you use, I don’t recommend you use INT. BLACK - NIGHT or INT. BLACK - DAY since you won’t be able to encode your overlays well.

For changing the background, do you have any recommendations for a background which looks like an inside of a bag? ik it’s random but I’m trying to make my reader collect things from her bag so I want to be realistic, do you have anything which would help? And also Thank you for helping with the coding :relaxed:

You can send me a message of the type of example you want and I will help you find them if you like.(:

Thank you so much ! I’ll try messaging you.

Are you still facing the problem?

Unfortunately yea, is there anything you can do to help?

Change the layer maybe
And if you still face the problem send a screenshot

I cant change anything because it says that &overlay (MY OVERLAY NAME) create and overlay opacity 1 in 0 isnt a valid cirecting command, did i do something wrong?

put the “and” in caps, like “AND”

Ive tried that , but it doesn’t work

Here’s what im trying to do, let me know if there’s anything wrong please :))

I think it’s because you are using the & symbol when there is nothing that comes after that command. sorry if I explained that badly lol. basically you use the & symbol to make that command happen at the same time as the NEXT line.

try just putting something random after that &-line like dialogue or whatever. just anything.
tell me if it works! :))

It just says there’s an unexpected character or scene change :sob::raised_hand:

&overlay COIN create AND overlay COIN opacity 1

:sob: :sob: what did you put after it?

i just put
Coins, could probably help for buying food and supplies
hoping it would do something :sob::sob:

lol I’d just tag Dara amarie if other peoples suggestions don’t work, she always has a solution :face_in_clouds:

Use this
&overlay COIN create
&overlay COIN opacity 1 in 0

The error
You missed putting COIN after overlay
In the line
&overlay COIN create AND overlay COIN opacity 1 in 0

Omg I tried that and it worked, thank you so much :sob:

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Glad it worked :blush: