My overlays aren't appearing

Hi, it’s been quite a while that I have posted on Episode Forums, hope everyone is doing well! So, like, I’m trying to have my overlay fade-in, but it is not showing up? Can someone help? Here is my script.


music music_sparseandcreepy

@pause for 2

@overlay EPISODETWO create
@overlay EPISODETWO shifts to 36 343
@overlay EPISODETWO scales to 0.005 0.005
@overlay EPISODETWO opacity 0

@overlay COMINGBEFOREAPRIL shifts to 14 280
@overlay COMINGBEFOREAPRIL scales to 0.004 0.0045
@overlay COMINGBEFOREAPRIL opacity 0

@overlay BULLETHOLE create
@overlay BULLETHOLE shifts to 9 199
@overlay BULLETHOLE scales to 0.022 0.025
@overlay BULLETHOLE opacity 0

@pause for 0.5

@overlay EPISODETWO opacity 1 in 2.4 THEN overlay COMINGBEFOREAPRIL opacity 1 in 2.9 AND overlay BULLETHOLE moves to layer 0 THEN pause for 2

sound gun_cocking

@pause for 1

sound gunshot

@overlay BULLETHOLE opacity 1


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I uploaded my own black background, but the overlays are still not showing up? It used to, but I think I must’ve did something that affected it. I only hear the gun cocking and the gunshot, but I don’t see the overlays…

This is a background from Episode. Have you uploaded the background under a different name, put it into your script, saved, then previewed on mobile?

Make sure the numbers for your overlay are also correct btw.

It’s not allowing me to view on mobile, because I’m waiting for several of my backgrounds to approve, and because there is an error on my script, and the only error that I see is “yOuR bAcKGrounD IS stTill in RevIew.”

You’re still able to view your story despite this error message.

Oh, I just realized that I forgot to fix an error last night, and I checked how it looked on my phone, and the error message came up, so I was confused, and I legit forgot about the error that I was supposed to fix, whoops. :joy:

Oh, I just figured it out. I had the overlay sizes too small, because I uploaded it a bit huge and then I decided to shrink it down for the original black background, and since I changed the background, I couldn’t see it, cause it was very small. Btw, thank you for your help. :slight_smile: (Hope that made sense, lol.)

@Sydney_H You can close this.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: