My overlays won’t appear when I type in @overlay OVERLAY create


My overlays won’t work I put @overlay OVERLAY create and it doesn’t appear and it’s very annoying like fix it plz


Can you send a picture of your script?


Try adding in @overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0 after the create command.




When I typed in @overlay (OVERLAYNAME) create, they said that there’s an error: "@overlay (OVERLAYNAME) create is not a valid directing command.
Can you please help me fix it :frowning:


Remove the parentheses, it’s just: @overlay OVERLAYNAME create.


No i didn’t type in “(OVERLAYNAME)” i was just giving an example.


Then what does your script look like?


exactly like the guide you sent:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to -24 234 in zone 2
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.630 1.630
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1


You shouldn’t be getting any errors. Can you post a screenshot of your script with the error?


Yeah sure.



sorry i took too long :confused:


You spelled “overlay” wrong. You put an a instead of an e: @ovarlay


OH MY GOD hahahahha im so sorry.
thank you
im so sorry for being stupid and for bothering you.


I have some troubles with my overlays.
Different troubles with differents overlays in different stories. T-T

Let’s start with this one, I wanted to rotate my overlay, 360 like I wanted, but it turns WAY too much.
I don’t want a big cirlcle you know ? So I tried to change the anchor point numbers but nothing happened.