My Own Background?

I’m new to episode forums so I don’t really know how this works BUT my question is:
I looked up on the internet more backgrounds for episode, and this website came up called Episode, so I looked through it and it had great backgrounds that weren’t in the Art Catalog for Episode. But when I try to upload it, it says the background needs to be owned by me, and those pictures aren’t. But I have seen other authors use these backgrounds before… So what can I use that won’t be illegal? Because I don’t have any backgrounds from me, I just found them on the website… Sorry for the long message, Thanks.

No it isn’t illegal because the website you’re referring to was created by Episode author, Joseph Evans. Those backgrounds are available for everyone to use and upload so no worries. Although some backgrounds are made by authors/editors who allow everyone to use them if you credit them in your story/instagram. As a side note as well: make sure not to upload anything with trademarks or copyrights, as that would be the illegal side of things. Hope this helped!

thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

You’re welcome!

You can use Befunky to edit the pic or if you want your own personal background you can download the app Ibispaint and create your own backgrounds that way.


You’re welcome!

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