My own backgrounds that i upload and are approved are giving errors

Then i can’t go further with my story i refresh my page, close all open all again nothing helps can someone do something about this.

Log out of your writer portal then log back in.

ok that i can try thanks x

nope does not work :sleepy:

Well I guess it is the background you used. I don’t know. Did the best I could.

I have already had it with pultiply backgrounds, and then some days later it works and i don’t know why.

Have you tried re-saving the chapters that contain the backgrounds and errors?

Yes i have tried everythin i even did a strory reset progres and a story update nothing, loged in logged out nothing.

Im not sure then as that usually makes the errors disappear. Seeing as you’ve tried everything it might be worth filing a support ticket to see if their is an issue regarding your backgrounds.

ho do i do that?

Fill out the form with all the details asked and the problem you are having. Your support ID is found under settings on the Episode App. You will usually receive a reply within 1 -2 days but it can take up to 4 depending on how many they are receiving.

What are the errors? Can you show me a screenshot?

You didn’t spell your backgrounds that you uploaded properly. Double check that you spelt it properly.

I copy/and past them tried that too…

Can I see the name of your background?

But also my other pages were everything is ok they won’t previeuw anymore


It’s a glitch. Usually happens for me when I have an error! Correct all your errors and refresh the page! This hppens to me ALOT.

there are no errors only the background the page has 2 sentences the background and the placing off the character but i cant do nothing no i am stuck.