My own overlays

I want to use my own overlay but the coding isn’t working. I used @add COFFEE 1 to HERA. Everything is spelled correctly. What is the correct coding for that and what is the coding I have to use for my own overlays and other overlays?

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Hello, if you want to use overlays, to add them, you’d code them like you’d code overlays, guide here:
Overlays Guide | Dara Amarie (

Bonus, extra threads on overlays: Easing functions: HOW TO: Use Easing Functions :disco: - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums (
Rotation: :lollipop: TIP: Rotating An Overlay Without Having it Shift Somewhere else :purple_heart: - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums (

Overlays are different from props:
Props | Dara Amarie (

If you upload overlays, you can’t code them like props. but you can support: FEATURE: @overlay becomes PROP


@overlay COFFEE1 create

The @add command is for PROPS

Like they mentioned above :point_up_2:t4: to add an overlay you would code it as

@overlay COFFEE 1 create

@overlay COFFEE 1 opacity 1 in T

T is for time meaning the higher you go from 1 the longer your overlay will take to appear. And if your time is 0 it’ll show up right away

And you’d also have to shift and scale it