My portal keeps CRASHING and I can’t write 😔

Help. I’ve been trying to write for the adventure contest and I haven’t had time due to school, and I was going to use this break to catch up, since there are only 2 weeks left…
Yesterday, my portal keep crashing. I could see all the scripts and things, but whenever I click on anything it freezes and then it the brower says the page is unresponsive. I’ve tried google chrome, safari and it didn’t work. I have a MAC and I’m wondering if it’s only people with MAC who have this problem :frowning: please help

I’ve messaged the team but they aren’t answering ;(


I am experiencing the same problem. I, however, do not have a MAC. My writer’s portal began crashing earlier today and has been unresponsive since. I do not believe it is a problem with a specific browser or operating system, as I have tried multiple of each and experience the same issue. Hopefully, all will be resolved soon.

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I had this problem as well, but if you get an option on your computer saying “It’s taking a long time to load because of a long running script” select the “Cancel Script” button and the page will load back to normal (with the script).

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The team is aware of this issue and is working on it. Your ticket may take a little while to be answered due to the high number of tickets submitted regarding this issue. :wink:


Yeah! I’ve been going through the same thing. Some people have said that switching your brower may help, but I personally tried it myself and I get the same result each time. Although, it did work for some, so it’s worth a shot I guess?

You could try signing in and out and if it doesn’t work relode the page or check your wifi or you could try waiting for the page I have experienced this many times if this was helpful like the comment

I have the SAME problem and nothing is fixing it

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I have a solution. It’s not a fix, but it can help you in the meantime while your ticket is being tended to.
Export your script to word or notepad, and continue writing it there until your portal is fixed. You should still be able to get the names of animations, overlays and backgrounds from the portal, in the art catalogue.
You might not be able to work on music during this time, as you will be unable to preview, but as long as you understand the episode syntax, this should helpfully get rid of the barrier to writing :black_heart:

Thanks! Will try. My page literally freezes so I can’t even see what i wrote and animations ect.

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Oh… That’s not too good…
You can write a plan for what you’re going to do though (unless you already have one)

Have you submitted a ticket?

Are people still having this problem? I’m going crazy that I can’t code. My portal keeps freezing :frowning: @Shanzella