My portal says i have an amount of reads, but after a while, i reload the page and it appears a read less

Hello, i dont know if someone else has this issue, but i’ve seen it more than once in my portal.

Anyway, the issue is that sometimes the writer’s portal says i have, for example: 2006 reads.
And then, a while later when i reload the page, it says “2005 reads”… meaning of, a read less.

I wasn’t sure before, because i didn’t take any screenshot, so, i was like “oh, i thought i had one read more, maybe i confused the number”.


Here are some proves, look at the hour of the screenshot, so you know it’s true :slight_smile:

Hello @melissa13, I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team and asking them what’s going on. :wink:

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It happens sometimes when a person finishes a chapter it counts as 2 reads when it should be only 1. It just corrects itself, it’s happened to me before.

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