My previewer is Saying Failed To Get Chapter Info?


It keeps saying Failed To Get Chapter Info every time I try to preview.


Try reopening chrome :thinking:


I’m not using chrome.


Reopen whatever thing you are using for script :hugs: maybe​:sweat_smile:


I’ll try that!


Because when it happens to me , I will reopen the chrome :thinking: or maybe try your internet connection , that’s can be a reason too​:slight_smile:


Still not working. :thinking:


Internet connection :thinking:


Nvm I just downloaded chrome.


So is it still giving failed to…




lol now mine’s doing this too, and I’m on chrome :unamused: the actual Episode website is also running really slowly for me. Like it’s taking forever to go from one page to another. I don’t think it’s my computer, because everything else is working… I wonder if their server is just wonky?

i feel like screaming lmao for the love of god, all i want to do is write!! :broken_heart:


I think It’s probably your WiFi or just the website.


I thought that too, but I guess it actually has something to do with Google.

I hope they resolve this soon!


I do too.


Try on your phone and it should work <3