My Prop isn't showing up yet, there's no error

I am using the limelight female moving box prop and it’s not showing up on the computer or phone

I was creating a scene for my new story and I was using the box prop and it isn’t showing up. The is no error that shows up and I am doing it the way I’m supposed as far as I can tell. I also have tried moving the line of code and doing a bunch of things but nothing is working. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a direct copy of the code I used.

@add Moving Box to IRIS

@IRIS changes into IRIS_RED_CASUAL

@YOU moves to layer 5
&IRIS moves to layer 4

At first I thought it was because she’s not on screen yet but it doesn’t even work when she is.

To be honest it’s probably a stupid mistake.

You have to change the opacity to 1

thanks! :heart:

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What opacity? There’s no overlay here.

I guess because both characters are no where on scene - you haven’t spot them anywhere, so prop has nowhere to appear.

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I’ll try giving it to her once she walks on thanks.

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