My Proposal ❤



So today I’m about to propose to a rap snacks addict @Chocolate_Mama
We’ve met less than a week and we’re already closer than ever.
I became your main hoe right when we met each other.
Would you accept to marry me?
I wont give you my rap snacks or my food.
But, will you accept to marry me babes? :smiley:
I’m typing this all while eating rap snacks so you better appreciate the hard work :^)

the woman said yes
now i can eat my food in peace umhuhmhihmuhh


I can smell love in da Air


i can smell love in the snickers bar


You are welcomed to the family! You are already in the family tree! I’m your step daughter


fuck i already have a step daughter the responsibility tho
hi step daughter
im your grand- i mean your mom
you better not steal my rap snacks.


I won’t steal the rap snacks. You have many step kids


I’m also your step-kid now! :sunglasses:


hello step kid
you’re my 1000th now.
i will not give you my food but ill give y0u lots of love
life is gr8.


Hello, I’m sure they’ll be more step kids to come.


im a sugar mommy
so probably
i have like 150,000 already


The new mama :grin:
Heya momma :upside_down_face:


h0ws life new step-something


:joy:step-daughter or ship​:joy:
Ah…and life? Nice , confusing , boring😴


my life is
gr8, filled with food, and rap snacks uhmuhm


Food :drooling_face:
It sounds amazing :wink:


because it is amazing

im a genius.


You are making me hungry😋


think of a fruit popsicle in a sunny day at the beach

i hate the beach but just think about it.


:joy:hehe I love the beach… sometimes :no_mouth:
Whatever that thing is but it sounds tasty