My props aren't showing?


So… my props aren’t showing, and I did the script right. The script editor’s saying that there’s no error, but it won’t show up on my preview. Can someone help?


Can you send a screen shot of your code?


Web preview or mobile preview?

Also what kind of props, because hidden props only show on the mobile preview…

A while back some people had some problems using props on female characters, could that be it?


Do you know any hidden props? I always wanted to know!


Yeah, Ink.

I made a thread about half an hour ago with all hidden Ink items here


Sorry for the late reply… But never mind. They’re showing now. I think my preview was glitching. Thanks anyways!


Oh and by the way, do any of you guys know how to get a character to give a prop to another one?


You’ll have to use an animation that looks like a character is “giving/handing” something to another. Then just remove the prop from the current character and add the prop to the new character.


Any suggestions on the animation?


Any of the animations with “take”, “reach”, or “give” in the name would do.