My readers are saying a character isn't showing up when customizing, but script looks fine

I need some help. I have been trying to figure out whats going on with my script for a day now. I have several readers telling me they can’t see the love interest when customizing in the first chapter. They can see the MC just fine and my script looks fine. ( I use the customization templates) It works fine in the web previewer too, but when I test on mobile its not working. I’ve tried changing the script slightly, deleting it and re inputting it. Has anyone else experienced this? I know there are sometimes glitches but isn’t that like a individual device thing?

and you’re really sure that there isn’t any problem??

I’m almost positive. I just copied and pasted the template and it’s working in all other chapters.
And now when I’m testing on the mobile previewer the love interest won’t show up and then i’ll press update script and he shows up. I’m so confused!

maybe there’s a problem with zoom? try to put @zoom reset in LI customisation

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That seemed to work! I figured it was something small that I was overlooking. Thank you so much!!

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