My recent stories (Not read for read, just promo)


Story: Anonymous Cyberhero
Genre: Mystery
Style: Ink + Spotlight

Story: Adore You
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight

Spies Like Us!
Genre: Comedy
Style: Ink

Pearl: A Filipino Love Story
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Style: Ink


Heyy I’m Rachel and I REALLY need some feedback!

Title: Changed
Author: Rachel V
Style: Ink
Genre: DRAMA
Description: Kate used to be the school angel. But due to an event, things have changed. Kate is no longer the same “good girl” she used to be. And how things will develop, depends on you. CC


illl read this hmmm


Hi I’m new to Episode and I just published my very first story. I’m still getting use to coding and etc. But any feedback to help make my story better would be appreciated!

Title: L is for Liar 2.0
Author: Queen_songbird
Genre: Mystery
Style: Limelight

Description: Welcome to St. Augustine’s Prep! A place where the students are smart, beautiful, and liars? What happens when 8 of the schools most popular kids go into detention?



Hey there, I’ve published my first story, and I’d love it if you could give it a read!
Title: Gone Rogue
Author: Soph :wilted_flower:
Genre: Drama
Description: Rose, aka “Rogue” : undefeated bare-knuckle boxer at The Bloody Knuckle for the past three years, crosses paths with the dangerous new owners. What happens when they need her help?
Style: Ink
Episodes Published: 3
Instagram: @sophy.episode


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: