My Reveal Contest Entry!

Hello! I have just published my very first story on Episode, and it is also an entry for the Reveal contest! It would mean the world to me if you all could check it out and give me feedback about it :slight_smile:

Title: Coffee Beans
Genre: Drama
Description: Serenity has worked for the same coffee shop since she turned 16. One night at work changes her life forever when a stranger reveals the shop’s true business & agenda in Manhattan.

Once again, please give me feeback about the story, and if you liked it, share it with others!



Hey! I wanted to make a thread for people joining the Reveal Contest who would like to do read for reads. We all know we need good reader retention and at least 100 reads, so let’s help each other out!

Here’s my story:

Title: Reveal: Coffee Beans
Author: Geordan H.
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight
Description: Serenity has worked for the same coffee shop since she turned 16. One night at work changes her life forever when a stranger reveals the shop’s true business & agenda in Manhattan.
Chapters out: 3 (more coming soon)


You can give feedback if you’d like, but please be sure to post at least one screenshot from each chapter to make sure that you’ve actually read it! Feel free to also do read for reads with other authors in this thread.


I would love to do a R4R!
Instagram : @talzen.writes
Story Title : Reveal: Sleight of Hand
Style : LL
Link :
Description : Dwyn; where magic flows through the air and is at everyone’s fingertips. When a strange person tells you it’s all an illusion, who will you believe?

  • CC & BODY
  • M/F MC & LI

Hey there I am Chanel Proxy. And I am new to all of this. I have started reading episode since 2015. And finally I have got the guts to write my own story. I am new author and I started writing my story since June And I am glad that I have completed it.
So basically my story name is “PRACTICAL”
So a little about this story.
She is going through the same time where he had been and maybe he is still there. What will happen when the dust on the route to both of their heart will finally clear. Would they form their destiny or would the destiny won’t allow them to meet.
Link for the story is
I am up for r4r
I am sorry if I am late

Title:- Love Confession
Author:- Divya
Episodes:-10 (complete )
Description:- He likes his childhood friend but then she went away. After so many years she is back but she doesn’t remember him.
Does he have the courage to tell her or will it be too late?

already red your story

I guess only 1 chapter


You want to continue for remaining?

I’ve actually already started the first chapter! But yes, I’d love to do a read for read.

We can do a r4r!!

Yeah sure My story name is PRACTICAL and the link of my story is
Please send me your story link and name

You can find it if you scroll to the top of this thread :slight_smile:

OK so we are doing r4r right then I will send your story screenshots in like 4 hours and please do the same.

Thanks for the thread. Here is mine.

Title: Reveal: Who’s Watching Me
Story Description
Aria has a new job in a new town. On a night out clubbing, she learns she’s caught up in a deadly revenge plan, where someone wants her life!(some choices matter,CC)
Instagram: sineadoneill.lovestowrite


I’ve just finished reading chapter 1 and i’m already so excited to read the next one!

Yeah Thanks

Hey, I was reading some more of your story, and I got to this part:

And as a Black person, I found that highly offensive, especially since you made the character that’s she’s talking to a Black person. Is there any way you could give a different insult?

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Yeah I can change I am so so so so so sorry if I have insulted I never wanted to do that. And Yes I will quickly change that and I just want to tell you that I love all colors. In my country there is no such thing as racism. That’s why I really didn’t know about. Once again I am so sorry. And yes I will change it. And in my story Hazel is very nice girl and she is far better than the other bully

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I hope I can make it up to you. Can I do anything more than that to prove I am really against racist people. :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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