My scene feels kind of... boring

The scene where my character is getting ready before school feels kind of flat. I can’t tell if it’s just because I read it so many times or it’s actually boring. It is in the first chapter of my story, so of course, I want to to be one of the best so it draws in the reader’s attention. Do you guys have any ideas for how to “spice up” a normal morning routine? I want to main focus to be school, but I feel like if I kept this scene short it would look like I’m cutting corners

Do you have a link to the scene or a copy of that part of the script?

Sure. I’ll PM you the link to part of it, but it’s not finished yet

I can help you spice it up. :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hotsprings:


I’m listening :speak_no_evil:
So would you like me to share it with you and you can give me some pointers?

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Yeah, I would love that.

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