My Scenes Aren't Changing!

Hi, I know there’s probably already a post for this, but I am working on my first story. I am trying to preview what I have both on my laptop and on the preview on the app. When its time to change scenes it doesn’t, does any one know how to fix this?

Here is my script from where the scene is suppose to change:

@SILAS exits left AND ELIO exits left AND ROSE exits left AND ROSE exits left AND ROSE does it while walk_exhausted_loop

@transition fade out black 3

@transition fade in black 3

@ROSE spot 0.681 258 272 AND ROSE starts idle_sit_serious_loop AND ROSE faces right AND SILAS spot 0.700 81 221 and SILAS starts sleep_sit_neutral_loop AND SILAS faces left

Thank you!

@transition fade in black 3 should be after you spot your characters

I fixed that but it didn’t fix the scene changing.

Have you reset the zoom and cut to a certain zone in the new background?
If so and its still not working try just refreshing the portal.

The next scene only has one zone and the scene before it takes place in zone one. I tried refreshing the portal but nothing changed.

This is my episode 2 and the first episode the scenes changed how they were suppose to.

maybe try specifying the zone in your spot directing? I really can’t see anything else wrong so idk

This is the issue. You directed Rose to exit left twice in one line. Remove the duplicate command.

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Oh shoot I didn’t even notice that. Thank you, that fixed it!

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