My script doesn't look smooth

**Hi episodians **
It’s me again. I wanted to ask if someone could be my helper. I mean like coding because I’m still new with the episode portal. So, I was wondering if I could find someone loyal and wiling to help with my weird coding to make it look smoother if that makes sense. :heart:


I can help!


Really that would be great! Thank you so much!! :sob: :heart:

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Can we pm so I can help you?

Yea sure but is instagram alright tho cuz I feel like it’s easier if not it’s alright :smile:

Sure no prob what’s your insta

K my new account is @epy.sxwrites

lol I have the same exact problem

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I could help you and you could help me if you want cuz she’s also gonna help me with my screw up directing lol :laughing:

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I can also help sometimes! :joy::sparkling_heart:

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Really thank you could you pm me or message me on Instagram i think my acount is in the replies lol :smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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What’s ur insta?


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Okay cool!

I can help too

I can help?

Sure pm me please!