My script has suddenly decided that it doesen´t like to add random zooming

So I have writed a script like this:
@transition fade out black 0.5
@CHLOE spot 0.668 135 280 in zone 3 AND CHLOE faces left AND CHLOE is talk_apathetic
@CHLOE changes into CHLOE_default
@ANGELA changes into ANGELA_default
&zoom on 772 340 to 430% in 0
&cut to zone 3
@transition fade in black 0.5

but, the problem is, when I am testing it out, it first zoom in in 0 secounds to the kitchen to a random spot wich I havent writed in my script first and then start the transition on 0.5 secounds. what´s happening?

You need to use the & for this command

like how :thinking:?

Instead of using the @ sign, use the & sign

&CHLOE spot ------

How can I do that? I though it was only for music, zooming and cutting to zones

Just replace @ with & in your script for that line

Read this thread to see what that symbol is used for: DARA’S GUIDE: Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For

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Omg thank yo so so much, you saved me now :sob::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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