My Second Script Problem

:no_entry_sign: So, I’m coding my new story, “The Great Divide,” and this keeps happening :no_entry_sign::

:sparkles: Basically, if you don’t understand, the MC gets to choose to talk about her long-lost childhood best friend. There’s a readers message that says “Aaron +2” and the “AARON +2” at the bottom of the red box is a point system for that love interest. :sparkles:

I keep getting an error, but I see no error! Please help! :disappointed_relieved:


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There’s only 1 choice?

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you can make only one choice completly fine

You need the @ sign on line 1956


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There was two choices but I got rid of the second one thinking that it would fix the problem.

Thanks so much, Dara! It worked. Looks like I need to pay more attention to Joseph Evans tutorials. :sweat_smile:

Can someone close the chat?

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