My Sisters Crush Promo

I thought this was interesting… Episode is giving us twenty four hours to read all episodes of My Sisters Crush for free! I’ll take it lol

I didn’t take a picture of the screen that popped up so stupid :roll_eyes: when I opened up the app like twenty minutes ago (it just stated that you could read the episodes sans passes). I’m assuming everyone got this, but it threw me off at first cause I actually haven’t read any episodes for a few months now. I only open the app to collect my daily streak prize without actually reading any episodes, so at first I thought maybe it was an incentive to get me reading on the app again.

Off topic from my own topic lol but I haven’t stopped reading episode for any reason other than not buying the unlimited reads no adds. I don’t ever read episode without it :sweat_smile:


the amount of passes you have :pleading_face::heart_eyes:


You’re probably right. I only have the challenge.

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Hahahaha I know right! I’m a gem and passes hoarder lol

Hmmmmm very interesting indeed. That’s what I was wondering since I used to be on it so heavy and then I went to not reading for like a few months that it could be that… but then I thought would they actually be tracking our reading habits like that to do that? I don’t know… that’s why I wanted to ask the community about it.

If it is… well, it worked. I read/am reading their story for free and going to collect my free eight gems lol (I still have four episodes left of the story).

Can you share your passes :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:?

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Maeve- :flushed:

Ayyyy, but true

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I was just asking, I want some :cry:!

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Same, now let’s stop spamming this thread, :skull:

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